An action plan for New England distribution

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Before you assemble your kid’s toys, be sure you’ve read the directions.

A New England craft distiller was ready to “go to market” in their home Control State. In Control States, retail sales are in the hands of independent retailers, who also redistribute to on-premise accounts.

How Aged Whiskey Man helped

The distillery owners are entrepreneurs who have been successful in various enterprises “bolting on” capabilities rather than making them part of their business infrastructure. That’s how I got involved.

I explained to the distiller that the “prize” in New England is Massachusetts. It is also a franchise market, so their choice of wholesaler was crucial. There are several craft specialists in market, but none had New England-wide capabilities.

If they hired several unique operators, as they were considering doing, that would require more “feet on the street” management. That would hinder their ability to successfully manage a “bolt-on” structure, and they would be weakening their successful business model.

“Is that what you really want to do?”


I rewrote their business plan into an action plan. It stressed production capabilities to the “size of prize” in each market — specifically, which markets they needed to be in at what specific time to achieve their financial goals but not overstretch their production and supply capabilities.

The distillery’s action-oriented business plan has been adopted and launched successfully.

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